SEAL - SERLABO partnership: good news for labs in France

Laboratory instrument manufacturer SEAL analytical has announced the appointment of SERLABO Technologies as exclusive distributor in France for the company’s range of market leading automated discrete and segmented flow analysers.

Established in 2005, SERLABO Technologies is the result of a merger between two highly respected companies in the laboratory market: Serlabo SA and UVK-LAB. SERLABO is a specialist provider of laboratory instruments and service support. With an established customer base and a sales and service team operating throughout France, SERLABO aims to help customers by providing a complete solution to their analytical needs. To meet this target, SERLABO offers a wide range of efficient and high work-rate instruments, with excellent reproducibility and low detection limits.

SERLABO’s staff are highly experienced with wide-ranging expertise in analytical chemistry. This is exemplified by product manager Hervé Ozouf (pictured) who has nineteen years of experience in laboratory analysis. He says: “The SEAL Analytical products will fit very well in our Environmental product range. Our support and technical team aims to provide a premium service, so the fact that SEAL is a developer and manufacturer of both hardware and software will be a great advantage for our customers.”

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