Product management for liquids during production and transport

UCON AG Containersysteme KG – manufacturer in the field of heatable and isolated stainless steel containers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries – has the right answer to the specific needs of their customers with the cylindrical heated stainless steel tank UCON ZBEI. This heated container represents years of experience with the processing, storage and transport of sensitive raw materials.

In many processes the fluids and products must be handled and held available at a certain temperature. More than 10 years ago UCON developed a cylindrical container made of stainless steel with a heater and insulation. The intended applications were and still are the transport, storage and processing of dyes, glues, the most sensitive of food products, such as white chocolate, oils or fats and much more. Naturally the customer can easily and reliably control the product temperature throughout. Time and again the container has been adapted to meet the very different requirements of our customers and therewith modified.

Application Areas:
In many areas of food production, pharmaceutics or chemistry intermediate goods must be processed, moved or temporarily stored at varying outside temperatures and varying specific thermal capacities. Time gaps in the production steps must be bridged. Use of the UCON ZBEI is very important for this application. The protection of your products from outside influences is imperative here. The UCON ZBEI sets the standard for materials, machining and construction and is unrivalled when it comes to life-cycle, sustainability and safety.

The UCON ZBEI is the first in its class to have an environmentally friendly, “green” perlite thermal insulation made from lava stone that has replaced the PU foam, which has been a long running standard. A hermetically tightly welded second casing permanently protects the hydrophilic UCON perlite insulation against damaging outside moisture and ensures the highest energy efficiency over time. The insulation unit also serves the cooling of perishable fluids (e.g., dairy products).

Regulation and Control:
A UCON internal development is the regulation and control that ensures a reliable temperature gradation in the product. Through multiple customer requirements the UCON Control and Regulation has been continually improved and expanded. Today our customers have access to a large number of applications and profit directly from UCON’s long years of experience in this area.

The product-touching inner tank has an bottom that was pioneering 10 years ago and is still unique today. UCON developed a special deep-drawing tool to produce this bottom. After many test series, a floor-geometry has been developed that allows for optimal emptying and cleaning of the container. Opening widths of 2” to 3” are standard and may, depending on application, be implemented as butterfly valves or ball valves. Special applications are herewith possible at any time.
The electronics is protected in a stainless steel casing.

Thanks to a warp-resistant frame optimized to meet the structural requirements the container has high load values. Its ability to be stacked or moved by crane as well its compatibility with standard industrial trucks make it suitable for everyday use and highly versatile. In certain branches the use of CrNi steels has become standard, even for frames. They are particularly known for their ease of cleaning.

The user can choose from various sizes between 500L and 1500L. In general chrome-nickel steels are used for the container; however UCON is also capable producing containers made of nickel-based materials, such as Hastelloy. One of the common applications is the addition of agitators, customer specific connection arrays on the container top and bottom, fill level measurements of all sorts, ATEX construction of the heating element, regulation and control, various seal types and materials as well as varying implementation of materials, surface qualities and lacquering.

Optionally, the containers are equipped with agitators.


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