Bayer HealthCare announces a new blood glucose monitoring system

4th March 2013

Bayer HealthCare introduces Contour® XT blood glucose meter and Contour® NEXT test strips with next generation testing technology to help people with diabetes get quick and accurate results

·        Easy-to-use meter with advanced accuracy for reliable results with a quick 5-second test time
·        No CodingTM technology means that the meter does not have to be ‘coded’ or calibrated each time a new box of test strips is started
·        Personalised features including “pre and post-meal markers” which encourage better self-management in people with diabetes
·        Results from studies (1) (2) (3)  (4) (5) have exceeded the accuracy requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (6)
Newbury, UK, April 2012 – Bayer HealthCare announces a new blood glucose monitoring system: the Contour® XT meter which is used exclusively with the Contour® NEXT test strips. Together they deliver next generation accuracy for reliable results while remaining simple and easy to use. New innovative technology evaluates a single sample seven times for improved accuracy and No CodingTM technology eliminates miscoding errors. This is a key feature for people with diabetes as miscoded meters can produce results that are inaccurate by up to 4 mmol/L(7) which can lead to incorrect dose administration(8). The meter also provides patients with individualised blood glucose target ranges, important to help with self management.
“People with diabetes and their carers have to rely on blood glucose meters to help them manage the condition, making the meter a key part of their care regime. Better self management is a key objective for my patients with diabetes; this device allows them to test by themselves and encourages good testing routines and importantly provides accurate results of their blood glucose levels.” [Su Down, Nurse Consultant Diabetes, NHS Somerset Community Health]
Bayer’s Contour® XT meter also offers a choice of functions for patients’ individual needs: level 1 testing for patients looking for basic testing and accuracy, and level 2 testing for patients who would like further information and a more detailed understanding of the results. This includes “mealtime markers” to help patients understand how food affects their blood glucose levels and reminders to test after eating.
Bayer’s new Contour® XT meter is easy both for patients to use and for healthcare professionals to teach. In clinical studies, 100 percent of patients were able to test by themselves using only the materials provided with the system and no additional training and 99 percent of patients were satisfied with the easy-to-use nature of the device (9). These results exceed the accuracy requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (6) as well as the more stringent criteria expected during 2012. (2) “Bayer is committed to helping people with diabetes. We are proud of the new Contour XT meter and Contour NEXT test strips, which provide improved accuracy of glucose testing and offer adaptable features which together will help motivate people with diabetes to improve their diabetes self-management” said a Bayer Spokesperson.
Bayer’s Contour® XT meter is available from diabetes nurses with Contour NEXT test strips available via prescription. The original Contour test strips are not compatible with the Contour® XT meter therefore it is important patients use Contour NEXT test strips with the new meter.





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