Training courses in laboratory freeze drying

SP Scientific has announced new Summer and Fall 2012 dates for its popular hands-on laboratory training courses in freeze drying and cycle optimization techniques.

The training courses, due to take place in June and October 2012, will focus upon the freeze drying process from formulation and thermal analysis to cycle development and optimization, packaging and troubleshooting.

The course director is Dr. Jeff Schwegman and equipment demonstration and use is provided by industry experts  including TA Instruments, McCrone Microscopes and Metrohm. The new extended 4-day training courses have been designed to enable people involved with lyophilisation, at all levels of experience, to gain considerable benefit and to reinforce their classroom training with extensive laboratory work.

The training will be held in the newly designed Warminster, PA laboratory on June 5-8th and October 23rd-26th. In order to provide the best possible learning experience, the course is limited to approximately 16 attendees. For further information or to reserve a place, please visit or contact SP Scientific on +1-845-255-5000 x2445 /

SP Scientific is a leading manufacturer of bench top to production scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, thermal control systems and glassware washers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including VirTis, FTS, Hull, Genevac and National-Hotpack. SP Scientific has ISO 9001:2008 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe.

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