Merck Millipore enhances range of Direct-Q® 3, 5, 8 water purification systems

January, 2012, Guyancourt, France - Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has announced the availability of its new range of Direct-Q® water purification systems. First launched in 2005, the Direct-Q® systems met with immediate and continuing success. Over the years, the systems have acquired a dedicated user base of scientists who rely on the all-in-one systems to produce high quality pure and ultrapure water—directly from tap water—for a wide variety of applications. Using the feedback of Direct-Q® users, Merck Millipore has now increased the capabilities of these reliable water purification systems and made them even easier to use.

The new, expanded and updated range now includes models capable of supplying 50, 100 or 150 liters of pure water per day, and up to 30 liters per hour of ultrapure water. The high-quality ultrapure water produced by the systems is suitable for critical applications– such as chromatography work; the preparation of blanks and standard solutions in spectrophotometry, spectroscopy and other analytical techniques; and the preparation of buffers for biochemical experiments. Pure water from the system can be used for general glassware washing.

“One of the major changes in the new systems is the fact that users now have a real choice of ultrapure water dispensing possibilities,” says Jean-François Pilette, Lab Water Group Product Manager. “Free-standing or wall-installed remote dispensers provide ergonomic water delivery up to two meters away from the water production unit. With the water they need right at the point of use, researchers gain additional freedom to focus on their work,” he explains. Systems are also available with an integrated dispenser.

“Another strong point of the Direct-Q® systems is their compact all-in-one design,” he continues. “The range includes versatile solutions for bench integration, or installation on the benchtop or the wall.  Users can choose a system with an integrated 6-liter reservoir, or a configuration that includes a 30- or 60-liter reservoir, depending on their volume needs.”

In addition, water quality can be “fine-tuned” to meet specific requirements. Direct-Q® systems are available with a built-in 185/254 nm UV lamp, which serves to reduce the level of organics for critical applications such as HPLC work, as well as destroy bacteria. Merck Millipore’s range of Application Pak polishers provide further tailor-made water quality for researchers who need water free of particulates, pyrogens, bacteria, nucleases, endocrine disrupters or VOCs.

System parameters are easily visible on the intuitive color graphic displays, and documentation, including a concise “Quick Reference Guide,” can be stored on the unit. Regular maintenance is minimal with an all-in-one SmartPak® cartridge that can be replaced easily and quickly.

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