API Holographics enhances its security labels solutions

With 2011 once again highlighting the growing threat of counterfeiters to the international food and beverage industry, API Holographics has further enhanced its already impressive portfolio of security solutions with the upgrading of its selective release label base.

The material allows food and drink brands to incorporate both tamper evident and holographic security features into self adhesive security labels in order to protect products from illegal interference. When a label made with the material is interfered with, either a hexagon or circle pattern is revealed, making detection easy and re-use impossible.

In addition to providing excellent image clarity and consistency, API believe the upgraded label base will also offer additional versatility as it can now be used with a comprehensive range of adhesives. Furthermore, this highly technical material is also suitable for over printing and sequential numbering plus it can be supplied with chemical markers.

Nowadays essential for products like medicine, electrical goods, CDs, DVDs and high value documents such as cheques, API believe there will be a growing need from food and drink brands for this type of packaging technology to protect the consumer from possible illicit interference or contamination. The selective release material can be hard embossed with the customer’s own design or logo to enhance their brand. After embossing, a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied and the label is die cut.

Available in silver, HRI and gold, API believes the material’s versatility, high quality and consistent finish will see immense interest from a wide range of food and drink sectors especially high value areas such as alcohol or sensitive areas such as baby foods.

API Holographic’s Managing Director Stephen Clarke comments;

“The threat from counterfeiters is growing all the time and they’re showing real ingenuity and a desire to move into new markets such as food and drink. It means that companies are searching out security label solutions that have the technical quality and absolute consistency to protect their customers and end-users from the potential safety, quality and reliability issues of illegal counterfeit goods. We believe our new selective release label base has these qualities in abundance and can help to create labels which offer protection at every stage of the supply chain.”

API Holographics is part of the API Group which operates 14 facilities worldwide, has over 500 employees and recently announced that it saw sales growth of 26 percent in the past 12 months with a turnover in excess of £100 million.


For further information on API Holographics and its packaging security solutions, please contact Pamela Cairns on +44(0) 161 785 2513 or visit  http://www.apigroup.com/ .


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