Freeze drying of human red blood cells

1st April 2013

SP Scientific has announced a new LyoLearn webinar entitled 'Freeze Drying of Human Blood Cells'

Presented by Dr Kevin Ward from Biopharma Technology Ltd - the 24th January 2012 webinar examines a study which discusses and shows how red blood cells can be successfully freeze dried and rehydrated with minimal degradation.

Traditional blood preservation technologies depend upon refrigeration, which has a number of drawbacks including the cost and logistics of cold chain management. The shelf life of red blood cells preserved by refrigeration alone is just 35-42 days. Meanwhile medical advances have increased demand for blood and blood products. Drying red blood cells (RBCs) involves some stiff challenges. Structural integrity must be maintained and the cells must also continue to function as oxygen carriers with no oxidation of haemoglobin.

This webinar will introduce participants to new freeze drying concentration techniques and introduce the proprietary technology developed for protectant loading systems. The webinar will discuss and demonstrate how lessons learned in this study can be applied to further studies on red blood cells and nucleated cells.

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