Hygienic and low-maintenance transport

Do you have problems with your conveyor system regarding grease, waste residues or harmful substances? Do you experience too many down time with your system? Are you tired of the amount of maintenance your conveyor system needs?
Now there is an innovative conveyor system that especially was designed to eliminate these problems, provides the solution.
The ELD system is an innovation in conveyor transport. The system consists of the Intralox i-Drive Technology and Intralox modular plastic conveyor belts. As opposed to conventional drive systems that use a chain, the i-Drive Technology uses so called i-Drive blocks. These blocks drive the belt from underneath with special drive spikes. The number of blocks and their location is strategically chosen, depending on the specific situation.
The combination of the Intralox i-Drive Technology and Intralox modular plastic conveyor belts creates a very reliable, hygienic and low-maintenance conveyor system, without any transfers.
Specific advantages
Through the combination of the Intralox i-Drive Technology and Intralox modular conveyor belts, an endless conveyor belt can be realised without any transfers. This means that only one system is needed for the total conveyor transport in a company.
* Hygiene. With the design of the ELD system, special attention was paid to the norms and standards concerning hygiene. The ELD system is designed according to the European Machine Directory 2006/42/EG. It is completely constructed of stainless steel and plastic materials. The belt is approved by the FDA. This makes the ELD system perfectly suitable for use in a HACCP, BCR or IFS environment.
* Low-maintenance. By the strategically positioning of the i-Drive blocks in the system, a minimal tension on the belt was created. The frequency of fall-out is therefore very low. This results in a very reliable system with minimal downtime and therefore very little maintenance needed. The belt doesn’t need any lubrication and, due to the plastic material, is easy to maintain.
* Applications. The ELD system is suitable for basic, cooling and freezing transport in the bakery industry, the meat processing industry, the fish processing industry and the convenience food industry. The system can be designed to fit into any surrounding and can be adapted to suit the specific needs and wishes of the customer. This makes every ELD system a very flexible, tailor-made solution.
The ELD system: for endless, hygienic and low-maintenance transport in the food industry.
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Jos Jacobs is B-unit manager EasyLockDrive Systems BV, Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands. www.easylockdrivesystems.nl

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