Membrane filtration for dairy industry

DSS is a supplier of membrane filtration technology to the global dairy industry. Since the company was established in 2000, more than 500 membrane filtration systems for various applications have been supplied to most parts of the world. A fundamental part of our business is to provide easy access for new and existing customers to spares, service, and expert knowledge.

Ordering membranes from DSS is easy. Customer inquiries receive a fast and efficient response from our dedicated sales team. The company's 24/7 hotline team serves customers all over the world, around the clock offering expert advice on mem­brane types, applications, process optimisation and membrane cleaning.

In fact, most membrane types are kept in stock and are often dis­patched the day they are ordered.

DSS offers a very wide range of organic membranes from all leading manufacturers, all types of spares, and service engineers for installation.

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DSS Silkeborg AS is based in Silkeborg, Denmark.

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