Innovative multi-analyte testing

Globally, there is now a growing need for rapid cost effective screening methods for antimicrobial and growth promoter compounds in matrices such as milk, honey, meat, urine and feed.  Increased vigilance is required to ensure that the food products consumed are free from drugs which could pose a risk to human health.
It is necessary that all food testing laboratories maximise productivity to guarantee rapid detection of these drugs within limited time frames.  The Evidence Investigator analyser will ensure that laboratories not only fulfil, but reduce their current workload and sample throughput time considerably.
The analyser uses unique patented Biochip Technology and allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple drugs from a single sample (46 antimicrobials per sample can be detected using one testing platform, >2000 tests per kit).  
Based on tried and tested ELISA technology, this innovative analyser eliminates the need for labour intensive qualitative dipstick methods which only have the ability to test one sample at a time. The Investigator analyser also provides an excellent screening method to reduce the need for time consuming and expensive confirmatory testing (GCMS, HPLC).
Test menu includes Beta Agonists, anthelmintics, sulphonamides, quinolones, beta lactams, phenicols, tetracyclines and many more.

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