Product thermal characterisation using freeze drying microscopy

SP Scientific, a leader in freeze drying technology, has announced a new LyoLearn webinar entitled 'The practical application of freeze drying microscopy in product thermal characterisation'.

Presented by Ruben J Nieblas from McCrone Microscopes - the 28th November 2011 webinar is targeted at anyone involved in the development, quality control, scale-up, transfer, or production of freeze-dried products that has at some point in their career, been required to accurately thermally characterise a sample in order to optimize the freeze drying cycle.

This webinar will introduce participants to the components of a freeze drying microscope and discuss its use in determination of thermal characteristics of products to be lyophilised. Light microscopy techniques such as phase contrast and polarized light will be demonstrated. The webinar will discuss and demonstrate how with a  Freeze Drying Microscope it is possible to quickly and accurately determine collapse and eutectic temperature and intricately investigate freeze dried structure of complex samples.

SP Scientific's programme of free educational webinars delivered by industry experts are devoted to freeze-drying topics, and follow a 30-minute format for the presentations with a Q&A session immediately afterwards.  To register for the November 28th, 2011 webinar visit

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