Latex kit offers improved workflow

The Thermo Scientific PathoDxtra Strep Grouping Kit offers a faster strep grouping solution than traditional methods for all clinically significant Lancefield groups.
Designed to improve workflow efficiencies, the nitrous acid extraction instantaneously extracts the cell antigens and the test does not require rehydration or incubation.
“Previously, choosing the best strep grouping kit involved compromise” said Julie Elston, global product manager, immunodiagnostics, Thermo Fisher.  “Acid extraction kits offered speed but did not detect group D strep reliably, while enzyme kits detected all groups but required rehydration and incubation steps, adding significant time to testing procedures. With PathoDxtra there is no compromise, this kits gives instantaneous extraction and detects all clinically significant streps reliably, including group D.  It really couldn’t be simpler.”

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