Improving biologicals manufacturing processes

Addressing the issue of improving methods for optimising the bioprocessing of biologics, Dr Frederic Girard, CEO of NMR services specialist Spinnovation, will present a talk at ‘BioProduction’ in Berlin, Germany, on 19-20 October.  

The goal of bioprocess optimisation is to develop a robust manufacturing process that delivers optimal cell viability and density, with the right safety and quality parameters in a short time frame.  Current methods rely on analysing a limited number of known components at a time, which is slow, costly and provides inadequate levels of detail.  Spinnovation’s technology overcomes these issues by using a high throughput NMR-based approach.

The presentation will take place during the ‘High-Throughput Analytical Methods for Improving BioProcessing’ session on Thursday 20 October at 12:10pm.

“Spinnovation is an NMR services expert dedicated to providing research teams with the tools they need to optimise their cell cultures and use them for upstream processing. This methodology is particularly relevant to R&D professionals involved in the development of biologics and to bioproduction professionals using mammalian cell cultures”, said Dr Girard. “The talk will prove the relevance of NMR technology for monitoring and optimizing biologics production, and examine the extent of the benefits it delivers.”

Commercial biologics production demands efficient tools for effective process development and optimization. Spinnovation Biologics’ innovative Spedia-NMR™ profiling methodology provides the expertise to promote full understanding and control of cell growth conditions within the shortest timescale. Applying Spedia-NMR™ to cell culture samples provides rapid quantitative results (usually within five days) to allow optimization of feed strategies, media formulation and process parameters.

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