Developing new solutions for biomarker discovery

1st April 2013

Despite already supplying over 400 biomarker assays from their current product portfolio, Randox Pharma Services is investing to develop solutions for biomarker discovery, given their broad range of applications from the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of disease progression through to the monitoring of clinical responses to a therapeutic intervention and personalised medicine.

Currently biomarker discovery by mass spectrometry is an expensive and laborious method, with limitations in reproducibility and sensitivity due to the wide range of protein concentrations in plasma and extensive processing requirements. Biomarker validation and follow-on studies can also be impeded by a lack of available immuno-affinity reagents.

In response to these limitations, the recently developed QuantiPlasma Array from Randox is a monoclonal antibody microarray designed to assess the level of multiple proteins simultaneously in human plasma. Each kit contains 300 unique monoclonal antibodies, so by using the QuantiPlasma Array it is possible to directly assess the plasma proteome dynamics of normal and disease state plasma samples for identification of novel biomarkers in conjunction with Randox’s Biochip Array Technology analyser platform.

With such innovative solutions Randox Pharma Services is working to help meet the pressing need for biomarker discovery in a cost effective manner and ultimately enable their translation to new diagnostic solutions and improved healthcare.

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