Higher quality packaging for sliced meat

1st April 2013

With a growing trend among food producers to package sliced meats in more exclusive trays in a bid to create greater visual appeal for consumers, supplier of high quality plastics trays and containers for the food industry, Færch Plast has developed a range of APET thermoformed trays for sliced meats.

APET’s clarity helps to signal "transparency, trustworthiness and quality to the customer", while its highly effective barrier qualities are suitable for products such as sliced meats, helping to extend their shelf life by preserving freshness.
Suitable for use at temperatures between –40°C and 70°C, the APET trays could be used to package a wide variety of foods from bakery and confectionery to dairy and salad products.   
The APET thermoformed trays can either be sealed with lids or packed in sealed bags, which may be opened and closed repeatedly by the consumer, helping to maintain the freshness of the contents in the refrigerator.
Says Joe Iannidinardo, Managing Director of Færch Plast UK:  “We have noticed a trend gradually taking place across Europe for food producers to move away from the traditional deep-drawn trays for sliced meats.  Many of them are now beginning to package products in more exclusive trays that signal quality, and will appeal to the growing number of consumers who make their purchasing decisions based on visual perception.”
He continues: “APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) provides glass quality clarity and is extremely durable, with good impact strength, so it is one of the best materials from which to make the types of packaging that the market now increasingly demands.”
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