Food safe detectable/x-ray visible plastic

Having recognised the ever increasing popularity of X-Ray Inspection Machines within the food and pharmaceutical industries, Detectamet Limited has luanched its new Detectamet Super XD Plastic.
X-Ray machines have an advantage over metal detectors in being able to detect a wider range of foreign bodies - this is because the foreign body is significantly different from the food material in X-Ray density enabling it to be detected.
The new Detectamet Super XD plastic is a direct result of an extensive R&D programme combing the skills and technical know how of our polymer engineers coupled with the testing facility of one of the world's largest manufacturers/suppliers of x-ray inspection equipment.
This detectable plastic has the combined characteristics of being 'magnetically detectable' with the additional benefit of being 'x-ray visible'.
Until now, food/pharmaceutical processors with both metal and x-ray detection equipment installed in their production facility had to purchase record and monitor separately their hand tools, pens, etc in order to minimise the risk of cross contamination from using the wrong type of detectable product on a particular production line.

Using products manufactured from Detectamet Super XD Plastic reduces the risk of product contamination across the whole site without fear of cross contamination maximising the benefits of using detectable products demonstrating the use of all due-diligence.
Detectamet intend incorporating the new plastic into their range beginning with their Pens, Markers, Swipe Card Holders etc, eventually most of the Detectamet products will be supplied as standard using Super XD polymer.
Detectamet Super XD Plastic is FDA compliant and will be supplied in the following hygiene colours: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White in a range of plastics materials: Polypropylene, Nylon, ABS etc
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