High-performance, laser-based, confocal imaging platform

1st April 2013

GE Healthcare’s IN Cell Analyzer 6000 is a high-performance, laser-based, confocal imaging platform designed for the most demanding high-content cellular assays and screens including live cell assays, 3D imaging, co-localization studies and imaging of assays with low signal.
In contrast to conventional fixed aperture confocal systems, the IN Cell Analyzer 6000 has a proprietary optical system which features a variable, iris-like aperture which mimics the action of the eye.  The fully adjustable aperture is intuitively controlled via the user interface, and can be adjusted to be used in;  open mode to maximize speed; full confocal mode to maximize image quality and background rejection; or any setting in between to optimize the imaging performance of a specific biology for each channel of an assay.
Incorporating the latest generation scientific CMOS camera, which delivers a 4x larger field of view with 5◊ less noise than traditional CCD cameras, the IN Cell Analyzer 6000 delivers significantly increased sensitivity and reduced exposure times to maximize throughput in screening settings.
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