Pre-designed assays increase qPCR accuracy and efficiency

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), a leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, now offers PrimeTime Pre-designed qPCR Assays which work for human, mouse, and rat transcriptomes. Users can search and select from the online database that contains thousands of assays. All assays are designed to span exons, protect against non-specific amplifications, avoid known SNPs, and minimize the impact of secondary structure. Consisting of two primers and a hydrolysis probe, all three components are shipped in a single tube and are guaranteed to provide >90 per cent efficiency.

IDT’s advanced flexibility allows users to select from five different dye/quencher combinations and choose a premixed primer to probe ratio from 1:1 to 4:1, thereby maximizing multiplexing capabilities. The design process uses the most current, clean, and complete target sequence information available to generate accurate Tm predictions and protect against off-target amplifications. Stephen Gunstream, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, commented “We have compared our product to leading pre-designed assays and found improved efficiency, higher success rates, and increased sensitivity.”

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