Streamlining protein precipitation sample preparation technique

1st April 2013

The p3 microplate from Porvair Sciences Ltd. eliminates the mess and complex sample preparation (no centrifuging, no vortexing) traditionally associated with protein precipitation techniques.

The use of protein precipitation as a method for sample preparation is widely used within the pharmaceutical industry.  Consequently the need to streamline the technique, to save technician time, has spurned a growing number of commercial multi-well filtration microplates optimised for protein precipitation sample preparation.

The report details and illustrates the results from the series of comparative experiments carried out in the independent evaluation.  The evaluation comments how advantageously the p3 eliminated "wetting out" and leaking of sample through the plate without resorting to complex valve systems.  Further it comments that the novel treated frit matrix used in the p3 maintains high flow rates enabling quick sample preparation times.  The report also notes that the p3 plate did not have any major adverse non-specific binding problems.  These benefits plus the added advantage of cost effectiveness has meant that the pharmaceutical company that undertook the evaluation is now using the p3 plates on a daily basis. 

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