Laser etched sample tube storage rack

1st April 2013

Micronic has introduced a next generation version of its Roborack 96-position sample tube storage rack. Traditionally users have used adhesive paper labels on their storage racks to provide sample traceability.  However over a period of time, subject to repeated freeze thaw cycles and organic solvents which samples are often dissolved in, paper labels commonly degrade or fall off.

The new white Roborack-96 is laser etched to produce a label that can never wear or fall off.  Each white Roborack-96 is laser etched with a guaranteed unique 1D barcode ensuring absolute sample traceability. The white rack and laser etched bar code provide a stark contrast thereby providing excellent bar coding readability and minimising the risk of incorrect sample identification.
The Roborack-96 incorporates a wealth of novel features enabling turn-key integration into almost any laboratory automation systems. Manufactured from hi-grade solvent resistant polypropylene, the Roborack-96 meets the globally recognized Society of Biomolecular Screening (SBS) standard footprint ensuring compatibility with most automated sample handling systems. An enclosed wall design allows robotic grippers to access the rack from any height allowing easy rack manipulation and movement.

Contoured Sure-Shot well tops on the Roborack-96 help guide tubes that are incorrectly delivered by automated equipment. The design allows robotic grippers to access the rack from any height for easy rack manipulation. The wells have an open airflow design for faster freezing and thawing.

To ensure sample integrity during transport or storage each Roborack-96 is supplied with an easy-to-operate lockable lid.  All Micronic racks are manufactured under US Federal Standard 209E Class 10,000 clean room conditions.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments over the last 25 years, Micronic is uniquely able to offer laboratories the expert advice to help them safeguard one of its most valuable assets - its samples. 

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