Kits for accurate and reproducible mRNA Amplification

ExpressArt mRNA Amplification Kits from AMSBIO offer an elegant technological solution for qRT-PCR and gene expression array studies that overcomes the limitations of sample quality and quantity. 

ExpressArt technology allows reproducible and precise analysis of challenging samples including Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE), laser captured micro-dissections, needle biopsies, and circulating tumour cells.

Based on a non-Eberwine method using patented TRinucleotide primers and reagents - ExpressArt minimises loss of sequence associated with two round amplification procedures and eliminates 3' bias in amplified products. The resultant RNA produces accurate data on differential expression of low copy number genes that fail to give sufficient signal intensities using alternative methods, allowing direct comparison of data from a wide range of input sample sizes. In addition using this exclusive primer technology - ExpressArt is able to amplify severely degraded RNA sequences enabling accurate analysis of RNA with extremely poor RIN values.

An optimized ExpressArt kit is available that allows specific amplification of bacterial mRNA from any species without the need for additional procedures to deplete ribosome RNA. Together with amino-allyl labelling modules and exclusive reagents for enhancing RNA isolations from very small and FFPE samples, ExpressArt provides solutions to problems no other amplification technology has overcome.

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