Remote open access for biochemical analysis

At Laboratory Automation 2011 in Palm Springs (Jan 29 – Feb 2), TTP LabTech will present a range of posters covering its complete product range, including two demonstrating the novel applications of its LAB2LAB automated sample transport and management system and its mosquito nanoliter liquid handler.

Titled ‘Enabling remote open access for biochemical analysis of the future’, one poster describes the LAB2LAB system recently installed at Novartis (Horsham) as part of their Open Access initiative. By integrating with any analytical equipment, LAB2LAB increases analytical capacity, connecting scientists to any instrument, regardless of location. To see it in action, stop by booth 445 at Laboratory Automation and take part in our competition to win an iPad.
With additional posters being presented on the mosquito, its applications within assay miniaturisation and nanoliter hit-picking are fully explored. Furthermore, a top 10 pharma company will detail how it has integrated the mosquito nanopipetting technology into its compound management group.
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