Calibration validation carousels streamline performance verification

1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inctoday announced the launch of its new Calibration Validation Carousel (CVC) accessories for the Evolution series UV-Visible spectrophotometers enabling automated performance verification and adherence to pharmaceutical guidelines. 

Automated performance verification saves significant time and money by reducing the amount of hands-on time required to complete instrument qualification and testing. Operator hands-on time is reduced to only a few minutes; dramatically improving productivity. All of the Thermo Scientific CVC accessories automate testing for wavelength accuracy andreproducibility, photometric accuracy, resolution, stray light, photometric noise and baseline flatness in accordance with US or European pharmacopeia and GxP procedures.

The CVC has specific features to increase accuracy and reduce operation time. Each CVC is supplied with its own unique serial number matched to a data file containing the calibrated value of the standards and the instrument specifications. This feature reduces the potential for
transcription and calculation errors by eliminating the need to copy standard values, perform and validate calculations and analyze performance test data. To perform testing with a CVC, the user simply selects the desired tests from a software  menu, presses the test button to run them and returns to collect the results when the tests are complete. Thermo Scientific software generates a full report, which can be signed electronically and printed for insertion into the user's compliance log book.

Thermo Scientific CVCs are available in USP- or EP- configurations for pharmacopeia compliance. A standard configuration CVC is also available for routine analysis and general instrument performance verification testing.

All configurations of the CVC are compatible with the Evolution
201, 220 or 260 Bio, Evolution 300 and Evolution 600 UV-Visible spectrophotometers.

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