Automation tools to keep pace with genomic sample processing needs

Agilent Automation Solutions offer a range of targeted applications for Genomics allowing you to increase the number of reactions you can perform in parallel, drastically reducing the amount of sample processing time and increasing the number of samples processed while reducing the amount of sample-to-sample variability.

Offering a broad product family ranging from standalone instruments to fully-integrated systems - Agilent enables customers to automate simple (but time-consuming) tasks such as labeling, centrifugation, and sealing to entire complex processes such as PCR prep and clean up, microarray sample preparation, and next generation sequencing library creation.

Agilent combines broadly-configurable flexible platforms with personalized customer service to deliver an automation approach that fits any need. From liquid handling to microplate handling, benchtop workstations to integrated systems, Agilent Automation Solutions has the right tool for your automation challenge.

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