Piezo scanning stages for positioning of samples

1st April 2013

Physik Instrumente’s (PI) technology is benefitting microscopy through the PInano low-profile (20 mm) piezo scanning stages.

Designed for positioning samples in high-resolution optical microscopy, PInano’s P-545 XY or XYZ piezo-driven scanning and positioning stage provides travel ranges of up to 200µm in two or three axes, with position resolution in the nanometre range.

Integrated piezo ceramic PICMA actuators offer maximum reliability with a proven superior lifetime. Featuring a large central aperture for transmitted light microscopy, PInano can accommodate holders for Petri dishes or standard object slides (25 x 75 mm), with additional accessories also available.

PInano’s integrated data recorder collects motion parameters, in addition to system parameters, and a wave generator controls the motion of the stage using diverse pre-set and user-defined motion profiles. The piezo controller is supplied with Windows operating software, and with its extensive software support, comprehensive DLLs, LINUX and LabVIEW drivers are available for automated control.

Additionally, the software supports a series of common image acquisition systems, such as µManager and MetaMorph. A 24-bit resolution USB port, as well as ethernet, RS-232 and analog interfaces, is supplied as standard.

Complementing the P-545 stage is the M-545 manual XY open-frame microscopy stage. Fitting directly onto all common inverse light microscopes, this carries the piezo stage and allows sample movement along larger travel ranges. If required, the M-545 stage can also be equipped with stepper motor drives.





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