Optical emission spectrometer offers better detection

The latest generation of the SPECTROMAXx Optical Emission Spectrometer from SPECTRO Analytical Instruments incorporates several performance-enhancing innovations.

CCD detector technology combined with the stability of temperature-controlled optics mean significantly better detection limits for elements like nitrogen – now down to 10ppm – and this from a bench-top instrument. Such performance is usually associated with large stationary spectrometers costing considerably more than the SPECTROMAXx.

Performance must be combined with reliability and usability, and in the new SPECTROMAXx an integrated diagnostics facility continuously monitors, archives and displays the operational status of all important components and systems.  For ease of use, the SPECTROMAXx now has the Spark Analyzer Vision Software already proven in SPECTRO’s top-of-the-range SPECTROLAB systems.

Steve Allott, Manager SPECTRO UK and Ireland, said: “Although the new SPECTROMAXx out-performs its predecessors, it’s not just about performance but about cost of ownership and reliability. For example, all measurements are carried out under an Argon shield and typically a constant flow is used to keep the system ready for use. In this new model, the argon flow can be suspended while the instrument is not in use, and automatically reinstated at a pre-determined time before work begins again, saving cost but maintaining performance. These instruments are rugged, too, they are just as happy in a furnace cabin as in a laboratory.”

For more information, visit www.spectro.com

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