Nucleation on-demand technology

SP Scientific has signed a license agreement with Praxair Inc to utilise Praxair's ControLyo nucleation on-demand technology, which provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with precise control over the freeze-drying process for drug developmental efforts.

Praxair's breakthrough technology was developed to specifically control the freezing step of lyophilization, a method of drying pharmaceuticals whereby the material is frozen and then warmed in a vacuum so that the ice vaporizes. 

Until now, this freezing step of lyophilization was uncontrolled due to the random nature of the nucleation or crystal-forming process. Praxair's new ControLyo technology now makes nucleation control a reality by controlling the nucleation temperature to within 1°C of its freezing point.  The results are improved product uniformity, quality and yield, and a reduction in cycle times by as much as 40 per cent.

"With the combined strength of SP Scientific's leading line of laboratory lyophilizers and Praxair's ControLyo nucleation on-demand technology, drug manufacturers can consider a variety of formulations during drug and process development.   ControLyo technology enables precise control of the lyophilization process using one of the most advanced and innovative freeze-drying tools on the market today," said Rich Jarrett, director of Business Development for Praxair's Biopharma business.

According to Bill Downs, SP Scientific's chief operating officer and executive vice president, "Praxair's technology fits perfectly with our mission of offering customers the most technically advanced freeze-drying equipment and tools to improve their overall economics and processes. We are very excited about the combination of Praxair's technology and our advanced lyophilizers and tools used to help customers with their freeze-drying needs."

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