Ensuring sample integrity in cleanroom environments

1st April 2013

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc has introduced the La-Pha-Pack stainless steel cleanroom crimping tools for a controlled, low-effort method of vial sealing.

Available in a range of sizes, from 11 to 20 mm, the optimal crimp is provided for a variety of vial sizes.

Made entirely from stainless steel, it provides maximum durability and easily withstands dry heat sterilization or autoclaving. The product range is ideal for highly sensitive chromatography cleanroom applications where it essential that the environment remains free from any potential contaminants.
The mechanism of the La-Pha-Pack crimping tools is both corrosion- and heat-resistant, making it extremely durable with a long lifespan. Furthermore, the stainless steel construction removes the need for any protective coating on the handle or crimp head. Pressure and height of the La-Pha-Pack stainless steel crimping tools are easily adjustable, enabling optimal torque to be applied to a wide variety of vial styles.

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