Liquid chromatographysystem for accelerated scale-up

1st April 2013

GE Healthcare has launched of ÄKTA avant 150, the second system in the new generation of ÄKTA liquid chromatography systems.

With flow rates up to 150ml/min, the ÄKTA avant 150 is designed for process development and scale up. The UNICORN 6.1 control software enables seamless method transfer between ÄKTA avant 25 and ÄKTA avant 150. UNICORN 6.1 also comes with integrated Design of Experiments (DoE) functionality that provides time and cost savings by capturing the information required for decision making in fewer experiments. ÄKTA avant includes several features for optimal operational security such as a cooled fraction collector and traceable column handling.

ÄKTA avant supports intelligent packing of AxiChrom columns for predictable scale up to production scale.  The verified, preprogrammed packing methods available ensure optimally-packed beds and decrease operator dependence.

“The ultimate goal is to ensure smooth transition from product discovery to full scale production,” said Nigel Darby, Vice President, Bio-Technologies, GE Healthcare, “ÄKTA avant 150 has been designed for direct scalability using BioProcess media with dedicated column formats. From a production perspective this means cost-effective process development that avoids last-minute surprises.”

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