High performance UV/Vis spectrophotometer

1st April 2013

The new SPECORD PLUS from Analytik Jena UK meets all the requirements for the pharmaceutical industry and can be used for research and development, material analysis and quality control.

This new UV/Vis spectrophotometer is characterized by outstanding performance combined with a comprehensive range of built-in analysis methods, and can be used for purity control of raw materials, dissolution tests, testing bio availability or active ingredient screening. The SPECORD PLUS conforms to all international pharmacopoeia as well as the relevant standards of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

With the addition of automatic cell changers and flow cells, the SPECORD PLUS can be configured as a fully automatic test system for online UV/VIS analysis of dissolution properties and the release of active ingredients of drugs. A choice of an 8 cell changer or 2 x 8 cell changer enables the SPECORD Plus to be connected to all online dissolution systems, with the analysis integrated in into the process system software of the dissolution provider.

The SPECORD PLUS benefits from a wavelength range of 190-1100 nm, high performance optics, outstanding long-term stability due to Cooled Double Detection and a large sample compartment, all boosted by a 10-year long-term warranty.

A special validation software module checks that all important spectrophotometer operating parameters are in compliance with internal or external quality standards, such as Ph.Eur., USP, TGA and ASTM, to ensure that measurement results conform to the highest standards of reliability, accuracy and precision. The Instrument is also supplied with IQ/OQ documents.

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