Reliable DNA Purification and Sequencing

An applications bulletin is available from Agilent Automation Solutions that describes an automated system that provides for quick and reliable DNA purification and sequencing.

The demand for quick and reliable DNA sample preparation for sequencing has risen dramatically during recent years. The long and complex pipetting protocols needed for DNA preparation have been a challenge for many lab automation systems.

Agilent Automation Solutions met this challenge by designing a BioCel system based around the Agilent Vertical Pipetting Station, a high-speed precision pipettor. With its versatile shelf configuration options, the Vertical Pipetting Station is ideally suited for complex pipetting sequences, while at the same time achieving very high throughput.

In this application, using three Vertical Pipetting Station pipettors, the source plate with DNA was split into two copies. The copied DNA was purified using magnetic beads, ethanol washing steps and magnetic nesting pads. Primer cocktail was added to the plates, before being centrifuged, sealed and then stored at (4°C) in an incubator.

Using this BioCel system - 200 prepared plates were processed unattended in just four hours, sample contamination was eliminated and the highest possible quality of sequencing preparations ensured.

Further information and a copy of this application bulletin are available from or by contacting your local Agilent Automation Solutions sales office.

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