Freeze Drying of Nanoparticles

1st April 2013

SP Industries Inc., the world leader in laboratory, pilot, and production freeze dryers, has announced a new webinar entitled 'Freeze Drying of Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Critical Factors'.

The major obstacle that limits the use of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems is the physical instability that is frequently found when such systems are stored for an extended time period. To overcome this problem water must be removed. While Freeze-drying has already proven to be one excellent technique to achieve long term stability for such products, this procedure may generate freezing and drying stresses which, in turn, can affect physical stability of nanoparticles.

Chaired by Jakob Beirowski, University of Erlangen, Germany - the scope of the January 21st 2010 webinar will be to outline process and formulation strategies and illustrate critical factors which must be considered when freeze-drying nanoparticulate formulations.

SP Industries program of free educational webinars devoted to freeze-drying topics follow a 30-minute format for the presentations with a Q&A session immediately afterwards. Recent webinars are available for free download from the SP Industries website (





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