Versatile, High Integrity Sample Storage Caps

Micronic Europe has produced a patented sealing method for its sample storage tubes.

Designed to increase productivity and eliminate expensive tube capping systems, Micronic Capcluster sample storage caps offer the unique versatility of single action capping of a single tube, a row of tubes, or a complete 96-tube rack. With a choice of eleven different colours, Capcluster caps provide a simple, yet highly effective means of visually differentiating stored samples by person, department, project or even by the day of the week they were submitted.

Manufactured from USP Class VI certificated Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) - the hydrophobic Capcluster is made of 2 components, the caps and a retaining film. Each hydrophobic cap is multi-pierceable allowing it to be cost effectively used up to 12 times without losing its seal integrity. Use of a retaining film permits a single cap, row of caps or all 96 caps to be applied simultaneously without loss of accuracy while greatly enhancing throughput of samples. After capping, the retaining film is easily removed leaving the individual caps securely in place.

For many sample storage applications TPE is the perfect tube capping material as it offers superior characteristics and performance to other polymeric materials. Micronic's unique Capcluster sample storage caps are multi-pierceable and repel the ingress of water ensuring long term sample integrity. In addition, Micronic's TPE caps have high solvent resistance that, in combination with ultra-low extractable materials, eliminates the possibility of sample contamination from the tube cap. Whether applying single caps directly to tubes or using an automated capping system, Micronic TPE caps provide maximum sample integrity for long term storage. Used in conjunction with an approved capping system, the TPE cap additionally offers considerable productivity benefits over alternative capping materials.

Dedicated to the design and production of innovative sample storage tubes, accessories and instruments over the last 25 years, Micronic is uniquely able to offer laboratories the expert advice to help them safeguard one of its most valuable assets - its samples. 

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