Wine Filter Benefits

Porvair Filtration Group, a world leader in filtration and separation technologies, has designed a unique double layer membrane filter for use in the wine industry.

Vinofil membrane cartridges have been specifically designed for wine and sparkling wine filtration, as a final filter for cold biological stabilisation. Vinofil incorporates a prefiltration and final membrane layer of naturally hydrophilic polyethersulphone (PES) with a mirrored asymmetric pore structure. Incorporation of the prefilter membrane considerably extends the life of the final layer, therefore producing longer on-stream life and improved economics compared to traditional double layer filters. When combined with quality all-polypropylene components and high integrity manufacturing techniques, the Vinofil filter cartridge is ideally suited to the most demanding process conditions.

Vinofil cartridges are manufactured using high quality components made from non-toxic and biologically inert raw materials. Multiple length cartridges with industry standard adapter styles are produced to fit most housing designs and system sizes. All materials are traceable and CFR 21 listed for direct food contact. Cartridges are constructed in a clean room under tightly controlled conditions using advanced, highly specialized machinery. Quality and consistency of product is assured by the ISO quality control and manufacturing procedures, which are in place throughout all stages of manufacture.

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