EZ-Guard GC Columns

1st April 2013

* No column coupling
* No leaks
* No issues with dead volume, thermal capacity and fragility
* No hassle in getting the guard column on and off the column cage

Guard columns (retention gaps) are often added to the front of the analytical column for protecting for contamination or to act as band focusing device when introducing a liquid sample into the capillary (with on-column and splitless injection techniques). The Varian EZ-Guard column is combination of a FactorFour column with a built-in Varian made guard column. The first 5- or 10-meter part of the EZ-Guard column is not coated with stationary phase but has been deactivated. So no column coupling which results in a 100% leak-free connection. Problems with installation, peak shape and leaks are history!

But there's more! Besides the generic benefits from an integrated guard column, Varian EZ-Guard column offers:

* Faster stabilisation in ms and other detection systems due to an additional uncoated, deactivated section at the end
* Trouble-free trace analysis of "difficult" compounds due to the high inertness of the FactorFour columns
* It is easy to take off a contaminated part because of the clearly visible EZ-Guard indication on the EZ-GRIPTM cage

The Varian EZ-Guard column is based on the FactorFour technology offering the lowest bleed specifications available; column bleeding is minimised so all the benefits of low bleed are provided.

The EZ-Guard columns come with an EZ-GRIPTM simplifying installation, coupling and operation of capillary columns. For guaranteed performance the retention index, efficiency, selectivity and bleed is measured and specified on the test report supplied with each column.





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