Sticky problem for biscuit manufacturer

1st April 2013

An international biscuit company wanted to transfer a highly viscous jam concentrate and an unusually high viscosity yoghurt from 200 litre drums to a twin hopper system on a biscuit enveloper.

The basis of the systems was 2 x Kecol Maxiprime H800SN priming systems, modified to suit the client's requirements, with Kecol hygienic, clamp construction pumps. Ultra sonic sensors were proposed to monitor the product levels within the hoppers and to control the pump systems.

The design of 2 x manifolds enabled simple adjustment to maintain optimum product levels at all times along the length of the hoppers. The Ultra Sonic Level control systems were installed on each pump system, which left the operators free time to attend other production duties. The Maxiprime and follower plate systems wipe the inside of the customer's drums as the product is being pumped to the hopper(s). The high viscosity yoghurt is supplied in an aseptic bag inside 200Ltr drums and the Kecol Maxiprime system wipes the inside without damaging the bag. The systems ensure maximum yield and minimum waste from each drum whilst maintaining product levels in the hoppers, ensuring maximum production runs with minimal down time.

Kecol Pumping Systems Ltd is based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.





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