Simplex Isolation Systems

1st April 2013

Simplex products - cleanrooms, softwalls, strip doors, aluminium framing, hardware and more -- are designed as modular units for easy expansion or reconfiguration. The applications are endless.

AirLock cleanrooms from Simplex assemble in hours with only a few tools. The final product can be used to achieve from ISO Class 8 to ISO Class 4 levels of cleanliness. AirBlock curtains and strip doors from Simplex feature patented mounting systems and hardware, and install easily. Sturdy ceiling and wall frames support HEPA filters and A/C units.

SIS framing from Simplex combines with AirBlock curtains and casters for a portable isolation booth you can move around the factory floor where needed. SIS 797 framing adapts to wall materials ranging from 1/8" to 3/8" thick and is ideal for pharmaceutical applications.

Constant innovation is the other goal of Simplex. Simplex revolutionised the cleanroom industry by introducing PolySim 509, the only non-outgassing, static dissipative, Class One fire-rated, thermoplastic urethane softwall material on the market.

Simplex is the product of choice when performance and ease of use counts for isolating manufacturing, processes, storage and research.





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