Type A2 Bio-Safety Cabinet

The NuAire NU-480 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet offers the ultimate performance and protection in any laboratory. The NU-480 includes NuAire's exclusive TOUCHLink color LCD central processing unit which allows personnel to monitor, control, and maintain the cabinet at any time. Not only is the NU-480 user-friendly, it is also comfortable. NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets improve laboratory accuracy and comfort, making them the most popular in the world!

The NuAire TOUCHLink Control System brings Biological Safety Cabinet performance to your fingertips. The TOUCHLink control center allows supervisors to control the blower by password, provides real-time airflow measurements and alarms, and integrates quickly with current facility security systems. TOUCHLink also simplifies maintenance by providing detailed diagnostic information and step-by-step decontamination procedures. TOUCHLink can even wake up when you do-by running the blower and lights on a customisable schedule!

Please note that the CellGard 480 is not available in North America.

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