Balston UHP Zero Grade Air Generators

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a line of Balston® UHP Zero Grade Air Generators designed to eliminate the need for expensive cylinders of zero grade air used to supply gas to LC Mass Spectrometers, analytical instruments, and vehible emission test benches.

Eight models are available that will produce up to 280 lpm of hydrocarbon-free air from an existing compressed air supply. Special features include high-tech ergonomic cabinet design, state-of-the-art catalysis module, visual operational status display, exceptional gas purity, and 1 year warranty.

These generators will allow gas cylinder users to supply, control, and automate their gas supplies. Equipment sensitivity is significantly enhanced as zero air purity exceeds cylinder gas quality as hydrocarbon content is less than 0.05 ppm (50 ppb) and is measured as methane.

Other applications include large labs with GC instrumentation, chemiluminescent based test equipment, dilution gas, calibration gas, and nebulizer purge gas.

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