Versatile mass spectrometry software solution

1st April 2013

Research and production in an industrial chemistry environment often have quite different requirements regarding mass spectrometry. A research department is often faced with real unknowns that require tools helping to find structurally relevant information from the unknown spectra. However, in a production environment high volume identification of compounds is most important.

The various search algorithms implemented in MassLib cover both of these needs: the SISCOM Search for Identical and Similar Compounds helps finding structurallyrelevant information from an unknown spectrum whereas the INCOS search allows quick and reliable identification of spectra even for untrained persons.

A multi-user software like MassLib covering both needs is always the preferred choice because the company-own spectra, typically identified and archived by the research chemists, can immediately be made available company-wide to all researchers as well as to production analysis.

MassLib provides visualisation, building collections of own data, searches for spectra, m/z, pattern, retention index, structure, formula, names and other stored data, data import for any mass spectrometer (new, old, heterogeneous equipment), data exchange with other software or databases (readable forever), comparison and unattended processing ofanalyses, assisted report generation, Windows Server compatibility, user customisation and access restriction, and is continuously expanded to serve the mass spectrometrists' current and future needs.

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