Shaker platform enables non-invasive measurement of process

1st April 2013

The Sensolux standalone version is a shaker platform equipped with an optical sensor system for monitoring pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation during cultivation of animal cells. This first member of the Sensolux family for obtaining conclusive results in the early process development phase, eg, for advanced clone screening and media optimisation.

Used in combination with the single-use Erlenmeyer flasks Sensolux EF, the shaker platform facilitates easy, non-invasive, reliable and highly informative online measurement of these crucial process parameters in incubation shakers. For this purpose, Sensolux EF are equipped with two pre-calibrated sensor patches. In total, nine measurement points for both pH and DO are integrated into the shaker tray that has a compact footprint of 420mm x 420mm and is compatible with a broad range of standard incubation shakers, including the Certomat shaker range from Sartorius Stedim Biotech.

Sensolux EF Erlenmeyer flasks are available in a choice of four sizes: 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. The flasks are supplied sterile, individually packaged and ready-to-use. Special clamps ensure exact positioning of the flasks on the shaker tray and, therefore, precise measurement. The Sensolux system comes with dedicated software, which enables monitoring and visualization of the parameters measured in each flask.

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