Eliminate liquid nitrogen costs

The FTS Multi-Cool from SP Industries Inc. is a mechanically refrigerated bench top bath that eliminates the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice. New literature describing the product is available at www.ftssystems.com/multicoolbath.htm.

Compact and completely self-contained the Multi-Cool provides up to 8 litres of working fluid volume at temperatures between -80°C and +100°C. The low temperature bath uses PID control enabling precise temperature control to within ± 0.1 C.

A powerful variable speed magnetic stirrer at the bottom of the bath provides excellent temperature uniformity and stability enabling superior results to be achieved in applications such as snap freezing of tissues and cells, charpy impact testing, controlled temperature reactions, pour-point determinations, and viscosity studies. An RS232 interface allows control of the Multi-Cool and data collection from a remote location if required.

SP Industries is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to production scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, environmental control chambers, thermal control system, glassware washers and dryers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including Hotpack®, VirTis®, FTSTM and Genevac®. SP Industries has ISO 9001:2000 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe. The company continues to invest heavily in validation and commissioning competencies. With the ongoing requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 and the emergence of GAMP 4, SP Industries is uniquely positioned as a leader in compliance and GAMP 4 commitment.

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