ABN2ZA and AB-3G Nitrogen Generators

Both the ABN2ZA and the AB-3G Nitrogen Generators are specifically designed to operate LCMS Instruments manufactured by Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex. These new products produce Nitrogen and Dry Air through 3 independent outputs in the required flow rates, purities and pressures to cater for the requirements of all available Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex LCMS Models, including the new API5500.

Each of these new models essentially combine two separate gas generator systems in one unit with the source and exhaust gases (Dry Air) being generated by one system using one system and the curtain gas (Nitrogen) being generated by the other. The ABN2ZA and the AB-3G utilize proven gas technology that selectively removes oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate free Nitrogen and Air.

Internal air compressors make the ABN2ZA a stand- alone, self- sufficient Nitrogen Generator, independent from external air sources, whereas the AB- 3G has been designed with additional compressor capacity. This additional capacity allows us to cycle the compressors more frequently, maximising compressor life. In the unlikely event of one compressor failing, the internal control system will alert the user and manage the compressors to maintain a full output flow from the generator. This totally unique feature will allow the user to plan a service or repair visit with Peak Scientific, thus ensuring uninterrupted uptime of your LCMS.

Peak Scientific has tested these new models extensively at our manufacturing plant and with end users around the world to ensure reliability and longevity of the systems.
For example Borislav Starcevic, UCLA Olympic Analytical, USA commented about the AB- 3G:
"We had opportunity to test a new model of Peak Scientific Nitrogen generator for the last 6 months in our laboratory. Our laboratory is a busy lab as our instruments work 24/7. In the LCMS department of our laboratory we currently have 5 LC/MS/MS instruments all by AppliedBiosystems/Sciex: and we use nitrogen generators for all of them. We have four NM20ZA models and one N300DR model. The new model was connected to API4000QT which we use for service and for research. In comparison with the older models we found the new one to be less noisy and more reliable. ...
Overall we were satisfied with the unit and think that it is better than the older ones that we have in our laboratory."
Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex have further approved these products to supply Nitrogen and Dry Air to all of their LCMS Applications.

Peak Gas Generators are unique in that they are simple to install and easy to use. After initial installation and set up, the generator will operate continuously with virtually no operator involvement and optimum performance can be maintained with an annual service visit. Elimination of the purchasing process, storage and movement of cylinders will also significantly reduce the time and costs associated with supplying gas to an LCMS System.

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