Automated genomic sample preparation

1st April 2013

A new eSeminar entitled 'Automating Genomics Applications on Bravo Workstations' has been announced by Agilent Automation Solutions.

Extraction and purification of nucleic acid or protein samples from biological sources is one of the more commonly automated applications in genomic research. Initially the targeted RNA, DNA and proteins are isolated from various sources (tissue, cells, and bacteria) for analysis and amplification. Subsequent steps often require products of PCR amplification and sequencing to be purified before detection. Because the typical steps required for most commercial purification assays involve several repetitive steps, including washes, filtration, centrifugation and general pipetting, they are ideal candidates for the use of automation.

Presented by Steve Lappin (Field Applications Specialist) - the scope of the December 10th 2009 eSeminar will be to present an introduction to automated genomic sample preparation solutions, discuss examples of commercially available automation methods for genomic sample preparation and provide an understanding of the added reliability and walk-away performance an automated solution delivers.

To register for this free eSeminar please visit today.

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