Surface dissolution imaging

Paraytec has announced that it will be demonstrating an exciting new tool for surface dissolution imaging - the ActiPix SDI300 at the 2009 American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) meeting* in Los Angeles, CA.

The SDI300 is a unique UV area imaging detector which enables quantitative imaging of surface phenomena of a diverse range of substances including APIs, formulations, gels, liquids, stents and patches. Initial results indicate that the SDI300 also offers intriguing insights for researchers investigating bioavailability and real-time monitoring of dental erosion.

Visitors to AAPS Booth 1451** will be able to see how the ActiPix SDI300 provides scientists for the first time a truly affordable surface dissolution imaging capability that does not require expert operation.

Compact in design, the SDI300 system includes patented ActiPix UV area imaging detection, dissolution imaging sample holder, integrated syringe pump, and software which enables real time quantitative recording and review of data. The SDI300 uses a highly sensitive UV area imaging sensor to record, interrogate and analyse a variety of complex processes. Operating wavelength (190-1100 nm) can be selected to allow sensitive and selective monitoring of the substance of interest. It is the first tool of its kind to offer accurate, quantitative and mechanistic information for a variety of applications. Used as a tool for accelerated pre-formulations development the SDI300 is proven to enable intrinsic dissolution rates to be obtained in less than 20 minutes, a fraction of the time compared to conventional dissolution systems. The ActiPix SDI300 provides unique insights into processes taking place from microns to millimetres under the surface enabling both erosion and dissolution phenomena to be visualised simultaneously.

Paraytec Ltd is a scientific instrument company based in York, UK, designing, developing and manufacturing innovative detectors. Paraytec was established in January 2005 as a spin-out from the Chemistry Department at the University of York, UK. Winner of the prestigious PittCon Editors Silver Award and an R&D 100 Award in 2007, the ActiPix D100 has achieved widespread recognition as a novel analytical instrument delivering applications advances.

For further information on the SDI300 please visit AAPS Booth 1451 or contact Paraytec Ltd on +44-1904-526270 or email

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