Progressing cavity pump improves food plant's effluent treatment

Headland Foods, the manufacturer of frozen own label ready meals, has specified a high performance Compact C Range progressing cavity (PC) pump from NOV Mono to reduce maintenance and improve process efficiency at its production plant in Flintshire, Scotland.

Before the Mono progressing cavity pump was installed, the company was experiencing problems with drive pins shearing on its existing pump, which was supplied by an OEM competitor.

To provide a solution, Headland Foods specified Mono's Compact C Range pump, which has been installed in a DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Plant to transfer a liquor of floc and water, a product of its effluent treatment plant.

The Mono pump is controlled by level probes in a tank situated directly above the pump's suction and the liquor is discharged into either a 6 metre high tank for disposal or back into the effluent treatment system.

Food companies often install a DAF plant when a lot of process water is used during production. The plants remove particles from the waste water and sludge to allow the water to be discharged back into the main waste water disposal system and comply with local water authority disposal limits.

The Compact C progressing cavity pump range has been engineered to fit into compact spaces while reliably performing to the maximum duty requirements of the application. The pump uses positive displacement for process control, variable speed for accurate dosing and features a suction lift capability of over eight metres.

This high pressure pump eliminates the need for a series of pumps when pumping over long distances and the gentle pumping action minimises shear or crush damage to maintain product integrity.

Low running speeds and an option of a square inlet and conveyor to assist viscous slurries into the pumping element make it is suitable for abrasive applications.

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