Analytical Lab Septa Pawling Scientific Products

Cepure (se·pure), Pawling's latest product line, brings real innovation to the Analytical Laboratory market. New material options, improved designs, and unique processing methods are used to improve product quality and process efficiency in the lab. We offer a wide array of septa types that are designed for specific testing methods and/or applications.

* Browse through our comprehensive line of autosampler septa designed to improve productivity and reliability
* See our new, patent pending, Cepure ZeroTM injection port septum in action and find out why its so unique
* Learn more about rubber and find the right septum for your application

Typical applications for Cepure products include:

o Gas Chromatography
o Headspace Gas Chromatography
o High Performance Liquid Chromatography
o Injection Port Septa

Other applications include:

o Specialty Liners for Packaging Containers
o Special Ink-Resistant Septa for the Printing Market

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