QPCR Optimization and Troubleshooting

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, has just launched a new educational tool -- the Thermo Scientific QPCR Optimization & Troubleshooting Guide. Whether you are beginning to develop a QPCR assay, have a QPCR assay you want to optimize or are getting inconsistent results and don't know why, this quick reference guide is sure to be a useful resource.

Simply bringing together all the necessary components for QPCR is often not enough to obtain accurate and consistent results. Following a protocol that instructs you how to combine your template with reagents before running them on your chosen instrument only covers the basics of real-time PCR. This guide aims to educate researchers that are new to the technique to better understand the science of real-time PCR. It should enable them to develop their skills in troubleshooting and optimization. The Thermo Scientific QPCR Optimization & Troubleshooting Guide provides a quick reference to help you achieve the best results possible on a consistent basis. The Optimization section of the guide covers parameters such as choice of plate, amplicon size, primer design, and it makes recommendations to optimize QPCR performance. Whilst in the troubleshooting section, problems, possible causes and remedial actions are addressed.

Whether you are an "old hand" or just starting out in your laboratory career, the Guide is sure to be of value. It brings together the knowledge that Thermo Fisher Scientific has accumulated during the 20 years the company has manufactured and optimised PCR reagents and plastics for the life science industry. To obtain your copy, please speak to your local Thermo Fisher Scientific representative or email toby.hampshire@thermofisher.com

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