Lab equipment: Handheld Safety Tester

1st April 2013

The Rigel 288 electrical safety analyser is the FIRST universal truly hand-held medical electrical safety analyser which complies with the new IEC 62353 standard, to combine the features of an automatic / manual tester with a data logging / asset management facility.

A compact lightweight design and long life battery power reduces downtime between tests, making the safety analyzer totally practical and highly portable for multi site use. In addition to IEC 60601-1 and AAMI / NFPA 99, the Rigel 288 safety analyser meets the newly published standard for in-service and after repair testing of medical electronic devices, the IEC 62353.

The Rigel 288's large internal memory facilitates the storage of test results during preventative or routine maintenance, allowing easy download after tests are completed. Comprehensive database software is available to ensure fast and easy download of test results, managing your asset database, creation of test sequences, scheduling of Preventative Product Maintenance and producing test certificates. Wireless connection means that stored data can be transferred immediately and directly from the tester to PC-based record keeping systems at the touch of a button.

The Rigel 288 safety analyser is aimed at those who require ease of use, portability and automation of electrical safety tests

Rigel 288 comes as standard including:

  • Calibration Certificate
  • Carrying Case
  • Earth bond test probe with clip
  • Earth bond clip lead
  • Patient Applied part module
  • 10 Applied part adaptors
  • Detachable 2 meter mains cable
  • Blue Tooth USB dongle

Rigel Medical was the first company to produce a dedicated electrical safety analyser to meet the IEC601 requirements. Our products offer the latest technologies such as incorporating BlueTooth and RFID capability, whilst our latest medical safety analyser uses a new test method to accurately measure earth / ground bond resistance at lower currents.





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