Highly specific methyltransferase enzyme assay kits

1st April 2013

amsbio has announced further additions to its enzyme assays portfolio.

New Direct Activity Assay kits for methyltransferases - PRMT1, 3, 5 and Set 7/9 have been developed to enable the measurement of enzyme activity using purified enzymes or enzyme containing extracts.

Each Direct Activity Assay Kit is supplied in a convenient 96-well plate pre-coated with peptide substrates, an antibody against the specific methylated target, a secondary Europium-labelled antibody, S-adenosylmethionine, methyltransferase assay buffer, and purified enzyme for 100 enzyme reactions.

The key to the new Direct Activity Assay Kits are highly specific antibodies that recognise methylated residues of the different substrates and only a few simple steps are required for detection of methyltransferase activity. Firstly, enzyme and co-substrate are incubated in the substrate coated microtitre wells. Next, primary antibody is bound to the methylated substrate. Finally, the plates are treated with a Europium-labeled secondary antibody followed by addition of the enhancer to produce fluorescence at 620 nm. Fluorescence can then be measured using a fluorescence reader equipped for the measurement of time-resolved fluorescence.





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